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Storming Meg

Storming Meg

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A violent nor’easter leaves Meg Wolf stranded on her uncle’s private island with a handful of quirky relatives, her three children, her brand-new fiancé… and her ex-husband, Jack!

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Author Pamela Burford

Wow, has it been a busy year! This summer and fall, the publishing rights to eleven of my contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels are being returned to me. After twenty years offering my books through traditional publishers, and the past six years dipping my toes into the indie waters, I’ve discovered that I love being my own publisher. Does that make me a control freak? (Don’t answer that.)

I’ve spent many months preparing my backlist for its big launch. All the books have been re-edited, freshened up, and are ready for their close-up! They have new covers and, in some cases, new titles. For example, the book that used to be called A Class Act has miraculously morphed into Rags to Bitches—which might strike you as a rather rude title until you realize that the heroine of the story, Dena Devlin, started out poor and made her fortune with a string of high-end pet resorts. One of her canine clients is featured on the cover.

Rags to Bitches by Pamela BurfordThese eleven books are being published two weeks apart, culminating in the launch this November of my popular Wedding Ring matchmaking series: When four high school BFFs vow to find husbands for one another if any of them are still single at the ripe old age of thirty, they have no idea how complicated the pact will make their lives twelve years later!

When I’m not writing romance and romantic suspense, I’m working on my humorous mystery series. Jane Delaney is the local Death Diva in her small town of Crystal Harbor, New York. What’s a Death Diva? I’ll let Jane explain: “I do things my paying customers can’t do, don’t want to do, don’t want to be seen doing, can’t bring themselves to do, and/or don’t want it to be known they’d paid someone to do. To dead people.” It could be something as innocent as scattering ashes or as, um, questionable as swiping a brooch from the corpse during a wake—on behalf of the rightful owner, but still, you can see how some folks might take exception.

Every busy sleuth needs a sidekick. That’s where Sexy Beast comes in. He’s been called a neurotic toy poodle, which is totally unfair. He’s just sensitive and perhaps a tad high-strung and…okay, well, maybe just a little neurotic. Sexy Beast is modeled on my own adorable dog, Murray. Let’s just say my high-maintenance pet has more than a little in common with his fictional counterpart. Sexy Beast has his own Facebook page where he posts all sorts of inappropriate things. He’s especially fond of making snarky comments about other animals. Swing over and give him a like!

Book three in the series, Perforating Pierre, launches on Halloween (well, isn’t that appropriate!) and is available for pre-order now.

All my books, whether they be straight romance, romantic suspense, or mystery, have one thing in common: humor. I couldn’t write a dark and depressing story if my life depended on it. I’ve been proudly entertaining millions of readers for two decades and have loved every minute of it!

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PS: If you see any of my books for sale with the old covers (a picture of a couple), just ignore them. They should have already been taken off sale by my previous publisher, but sometimes there are delays. Look for the new covers, which are featured in this website. Some of the books are available for pre-order now!

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