Latest Release: Book 8 in the Humorous Jane Delaney Mystery Series!

Scrapping Scarlett

Scrapping Scarlett

Scarlett Proctor has always done things her own quirky way, and her death is no exception. After Death Diva Jane witnesses the shocking accident that takes the young woman’s life, she’s plagued by questions that have no easy answers…

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Author Pamela Burford

If you love humorous mysteries with a fun love triangle, you’ve landed in the right place. Scrapping Scarlett is the latest installment in the 8-book Jane Delaney “Death Diva” series. And if you’re a fan of box sets, books 1 – 3 are available as a discounted set!

Every busy sleuth needs a sidekick. That’s where Sexy Beast comes in. He’s been called a neurotic toy poodle, which is so unfair. He’s just sensitive and maybe a little high-strung and…okay, well, just a tad neurotic. Sexy Beast is modeled on my own adorable dog, Murray. Let’s just say my high-maintenance pet has more than a little in common with his fictional counterpart. Sexy Beast has his own Facebook page where he posts all sorts of inappropriate things. He’s especially fond of making snarky comments about other animals. Swing over and give him a like.

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