Liquidating Larry

Book Seven: Jane Delaney Mysteries

Not only is former TV star Larry Kool the town’s most famous celebrity, he’s also warmhearted, outgoing, and an all-around nice guy. Everyone adores Larry.

Well, maybe not everyone. Even nice guys make enemies, and Larry has a few. When he suddenly drops dead during the annual chili cook-off, it’s initially assumed he died of natural causes. The more digging Death Diva Jane Delaney does, however, the more she begins to suspect there was nothing natural about Larry’s demise.

If Jane gets too close to the truth, she’s in danger of meeting a similar end. Fortunately, she has a certain bad-boy bartender on her side, as well as a high-strung canine sidekick by the name of Sexy Beast, so it’s all good!

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The Details

Publisher: Radical Poodle Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-944922-75-7

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