Preserving Peaches

Book Five: Jane Delaney Mysteries

Just when it looks like Death Diva Jane Delaney’s dormant love life is finally poised to take off, the romantic moment is interrupted by notoriously caustic advice columnist Gertrude “Peaches” Gillespey—or more accurately, by the discovery of Peaches’s mummified corpse.

The victim made plenty of enemies with her lacerating wit, so there’s no shortage of suspects. And when her shocking secrets come to light, the question becomes: Who didn’t want Peaches dead?

As if that’s not enough, Jane must cope with a second suspicious death, a vexing love triangle, a dirty mayoral election, and the victim’s missing collection of peach-shaped knickknacks. Not to mention a hair-raising online date with a possible homicidal maniac. Thank goodness for Jane’s loyal sidekick, Sexy Beast. There’s nothing like a high-strung, seven-pound poodle to help you solve your mummy issues.

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The Details

Publisher: Radical Poodle Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-939215-75-8

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